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2011 Event Wrap-Up

Looks like 2011 is just about wrapped up for The Elephant and Macaw Banner, and a busy year it was.  At the start of the year, I only expected to participate in four events, but I ended up participating in nine.  Here’s a quick recap:

RioContentMarket (March) – Not much to say here.  I went to make some contacts, and this was the only event all year in which I wasn’t invited to speak.

Nebula Awards (May) – What can I say about this?  I never expected to be nominated for a Nebula, and being there was a dream come true.  Beyond the banquet and speaking with all the wonderful attendees, I got to participate in a panel with Joe Haldeman, N. K. Jemisin, Michael J. Sullivan, and Jack McDevitt.  Unforgettable.

GamePad (May) – This was an academic event, but I did present my first paper on digital narratives, something I’ll be working with more in the future.

Game Craft (June) – I keynoted the event, and while my speech wasn’t specifically about EAMB, I did discuss it.

Fantasticon (August) – This event is bigger and better every year, with a large percentage of the Brazilian specultaive fiction writers in attendance.  This year I had an autograph session and a panel with Roberto de Sousa Causo, Max Mallmann, and Ana Cristina Rodrigues.  This is one of my “must attend” events every year.

Worldcon (August) – Six panels, one reading, and an autograph session.  This convention was work and fun all rolled into one, and I plan on doing it all again next year.

Jornada Nacional de Literatura (Nacional Literary Journey) (August) – This and the Nebula ceremony were not just the highlights of the year, they were the highlights of my entire writing career.  Over two days I spoke in front of 12,000 adolescents, and it felt like magic.

Feira do Livro de Torres (Torres Book Fair) (September) – Gave a nice outdoor panel on sword & sorcery to a few dozen people, along with friends Duda Falcão and Cesar Alcázar.

Feira do Livro de Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre Book Fair) (October) – Another chance to talk about sword & sorcery with Duda and Cesar, and a book lauch for Sagas 3.

I also had two book launches in Porto Alegre for the series Duplo Fantasia Heroica.

For 2012, I once again start the year planning on just four events (so we’ll see what happens):

Odisseia de Literatura Fantástica (Fantastic Literature Odyssey) (April) – I’m one of the organizers for this event in Porto Alegre, which will bring together over fifty writers and editors from around Brazil.

Festival Literária de Paracatu (Pracatu Literary Festival) (May) – This event got held over from 2011, which should make it bigger and better.

Fantasticon (Augsut) – I can’t confirm until I know the dates, but as long as there’s no conflict, I’ll be there.

Worldcon/Chicon 7 (August) – My only foreign trip planned so far.  I hope to be on the programming once again.

Here’s hoping to see you all in 2012!

Locus article on the National Literary Journey

Locus Online published my article “A Journey to Remember” about the 14th National Literary Journey in Passo Fundo this year.  In it, I discuss the event and the experience of speaking to thousands of adolescents.

From the article:

“Passo Fundo is known as the Literary Capital of Brazil, and for good reason. The national average of non-school-related books read per year in Brazil is 1.5 per person. In Passo Fundo, the average is an impressive 6.5.”

Locus also published a great picture from the event in their print edition.

Thanks so much Locus!

Christopher at Brazil’s 14th National Literary Journey

Passo Fundo is known as the “Literature Capital of Brazil”.  Not only do they host the National Literary Journey every two years, they have one of the highest literary rates in Brazil.  While the national average of books read outside of school is 1.3 per inhabitant per year, in Passo Fundo the average is an amazing 6.5!

This National Literary Journey is HUGE

This year I was one of the authors invited to speak at the event, an immense honor.  I was proud to have “The Fortutious Meeting of Gerard van Oost and Oludara” named as a work “of special merit in the formation of young readers”.  Inspiring young readers is what inspires me.

Over two days, I spoke to eleven groups of junior high and high school aged children.  I never felt like a rock star until I participated in the event.  Each time I walked into one of the circus tents, the master of ceremonies would speak my name and over a thousand children would scream and applaud.  In all, I spoke to around 12.000 students.

Speaking to a captive audience – one of eleven…

I saw children reading books, buying books, and most importantly, discussing books.  For a writer, the event was a spiritual high.  It refueled my faith in the next generation.

Interacting with young readers was the best part

At the end, I was presented with the Vasco Prado Trophy for my participation.  It was a great honor to be able to participate and interact with the real stars of the show: the readers.  They are our future, and they’re doing just fine.

Vasco Prado Trophy

(Photographs by Christopher Kastensmidt and National Literary Journey staff)

Worldcon panel on non-Tolkienesque fantasy

One of my Worldcon highlights this year was the panel entitled “F*** Your Knight and the Horse he Rode in on: Fantasy Series not Based on Medieval European Culture”.  This panel featured Aliette de Bodard, Ken Scholes, Saladin Ahmed, and myself as moderator.

The room was packed–standing room only with people spilling out into the hallway.  We spent an hour discussing fantasy series that break away from the typical Medieval Western European settings, and the crowd loved it.  All the panelists were amazing, and fielded some pointed questions from the audience.  The panel proved there is a great demand out there for fantasy series like The Elephant and Macaw Banner.  I had people stopping me in the halls to congratulate me for the rest of the con.

The Untitled Convention Project filmed the panel and put about a quarter of it online.  I hope you enjoy it!

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