The World of Gerard van Oost and Oludara


A Torrential Complication

In a tale inspired by Tupinamba mythology, Gerard, Arany and Cabwassu are forced to face the immortal twins Ariconte and Tamendonarre in order to save Oludara.

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A Tumultuous Convergence

Gerard and Oludara finally arrive in the famous port of Rio de Janeiro, but the visit is far from the holiday they seek. When the French attack the city, Gerard is forced to take sides in a battle that will decide the future of a nation.

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A Preposterous Plight

When Antonio Dias Caldas swears revenge on Gerard van Oost and Oludara, they have no choice but to flee through the Brazilian wilderness. When they reach the land of the feared Wytaka warriors, however, they discover that what they're running to might just be worse than what they're running from.

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An Inauspicious Visit

In order to save their Tupinamba friends, Gerard and Oludara must split up and place themselves in great danger as they face two of their deadliest foes yet.

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