The World of Gerard van Oost and Oludara


The Dolorous Birthing

What's an ideal present for a newborn child? For Gerard van Oost and Oludara, that could be the most dangerous question of their lives, as they risk everything on a trip through the inhospitable Backlands of Brazil.

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A Minacious Appearance

After an ill omen and an encounter with a fiery, headless mule, Gerard and Oludara are sidetracked by a Jesuit priest named Miguel Samperes and get caught between enemies both old and new. When tensions run high and violence erupts, the prophecy of doom becomes clear.

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A Torrential Complication

In a tale inspired by Tupinamba mythology, Gerard, Arany and Cabwassu are forced to face the immortal twins Ariconte and Tamendonarre in order to save Oludara.

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A Tumultuous Convergence

Gerard and Oludara finally arrive in the famous port of Rio de Janeiro, but the visit is far from the holiday they seek. When the French attack the city, Gerard is forced to take sides in a battle that will decide the future of a nation.

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