In religions based on Yoruban gods (such as Candomblé in Brazil), Olorun is the Supreme Being.  He is creator of the Universe and of the Orisha deities.

Unlike the Orishas, Olorun is not directly worshipped in ceremonies.  He has no specific form, but rather is an all-powerful spirit.  The care of Heaven and Earth he leaves to the Orishas, and he does not deal directly with people, although he does dictate their destinies.  He sometimes intervenes when problems arise between the Orishas.

Even though he is not worshipped directly, Olorun can be invoked to ask for blessings and to give thanks.  That is why, in “The Fortuitous Meeting”, Oludara exclaims “Olorun save us!” when he sees the African Dragon devour a man alive; and in another scene, the Oba of Ketu says to him, “May Olorun protect you.”

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