Arrival in Salvador

Leonardo Amora Leite makes his first contribution to Elephant and Macaw Banner lore with this beautiful painting entitled “Arrival in Salvador”.

Since all the Elephant and Macaw Banner artwork to date has been character-focused, I thought it would be nice to add a scenery piece to give some feeling for the world at the time.  I chose Leonardo for his excellent concept work and use of color, which you can see for yourself in his portfolio here.

This scene was inspired by Gerard’s arrival in Salvador, just before the events of “The Fortuitous Meeting”.  A lot of research went into this piece to make it a faithful physical representation of Salvador at the time, while allowing liberty with the colors to give it a touch of the fantastic.

There is a lot more to tell behind the creation of this piece, and I’ll be writing a full “making of” sometime in the future.  For now, anyone who reads Portuguese (or just wants to scan the intermediate tests) can see Leonardo’s own description of the process on his blog in the post “Virando a página“.

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