Sacy-Perey was a slave child on the first “black ship” to ever visit Brazil.  However, he was treacherously murdered, and powerful magic brought him back in his current form: a one-legged imp with magical powers.

Sacy loves three things more than anything else: tobacco, puzzles, and tormenting travelers in the Brazilian wilderness–particularly Gerard van Oost and Oludara!  He can hop on his one leg faster than most people can run, and can even “hop” through space, teleporting from one place to another at will–a power which allows him to drop in on our duo much more often than they’d like.  He isn’t an official member of The Elephant and Macaw Banner, but don’t tell him that!

Sacy-Perey (originally “Saci-Pererê”) is undoubtedly the most famous character in Brazilian folklore, and is sometimes used as a symbol of the country itself.  In The Elephant and Macaw Banner series, the myth of Sacy lives on, but with new dimensions to his history, powers, and personality.

Gerard and Oludara know the source of Sacy’s power, but if you want to know as well, you’ll need to read “The Fortuitous Meeting of Gerard van Oost and Oludara”.  And for those who enjoyed the imp’s antics in the first story, don’t worry; you haven’t seen the last of Sacy-Perey!

(Illustration by Paulo Ítalo)

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  1. Vinicius

    Hello. I would like to know how can I contact Paulo Ítalo. I am Brazilian and I want to know more about his arts. Thanks!

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