Photos from the Nebula Weekend

Sometimes it’s easier to show than tell, so for my Nebula Weekend wrap-up, here are some of my favorite shots from the event.  Most of these were taken by Fernanda.

Thai food with Douglas Cohen, Rachel Swirsky. and more
Fernanda and I with Valerie and Lawrence Schoen

Who says novelette finalists can't be tough?
Douglas Cohen and I may have downed a few as the night went along... and perhaps even discussed Game of Thrones...
My finalist certificate. Shiny!
Steven H. Silver - fan writer extraordinaire

Realms of Fantasy's Douglas Cohen and Shawna McCarthy, and M.K. Hobson in a spectacular dress she made herself!
Nebula finalists Aliette de Bodard, Caroline M. Yoachim, and J. Kathleen Cheney. I'm back there somewhere behind their glow.
Relaxing at the awards banquet. Send over some more of those crab cakes!
Chatting with Paolo Bacigalupi and Barry Deutsch
"!" Rachel Swirsky protects her Nebula from my thieving hands.
Mary Rodgers and Eric James Stone, still glowing from his Nebula win
Wrapping up the weekend on a panel with Jack McDevitt, Joe Haldeman, N.K. Jemisin and Michael J. Sullivan
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