World Tour 2011

It’s not exactly a world tour, but it sure feels like one…

Here are the events in 2011 in which I’ll be representing (or have already represented) The Elephant and Macaw Banner:

  • RioContentMarket, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – March 15-16 (Attendee)
  • Nebula Awards Weekend, Washington D.C. –May 19-22 (Panelist)
  • GamePad, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil – May 27-28 (Academic article)
  • Game Craft, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – June 16-17 (Keynote)
  • Fantasticon, São Paulo, Brazil – August 12-14 (Panelist and autograph session)
  • Worldcon, Reno – August 17-21 (Panelist and reading)
  • National Literary Journey, Passo Fundo, Brazil – August 25-26 (Invited guest)
  • Porto Alegre Book Fair, Brazil – October 31 (Lecturer)
  • Paracatu Literary Festival (FLIPTU), Brazil – November 22-27 (Invited guest)

If you attend any of these events, please come by and say hello!

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