Christopher at Chicon 7

Sorry for reposting this… I’ve been having some trouble with the Facebook cross-posting.

For those who haven’t reat this yet, I’ll be at the 70th Worldcon next week in Chicago.  Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Here’s my schedule for the event:

Thu Aug 30 12:00:pm – Buckingham Digital Narratives: What Are They, Where Are They, and How the Heck Do I Write Them? This panel discusses how digital technologies have changed the way we tell stories and explores what the future holds. Amber Clark, Christopher Kastensmidt, Daniel Levin, Nancy Fulda, Tom Dowd

Fri Aug 31 12:00:pm – Gold Coast F*** Your Knight and the Horse He Rode in on Part Deux: Fantasy Series Not Based on Medieval Europe A follow-up to last year’s irreverent panel of young writers challenging the predominance of medieval-inspired settings in fantasy. Christopher Kastensmidt, Dennis Y. Ginoza, Elizabeth Bear, T. L. Morganfield

Fri Aug 31 3:00:pm-6:00:pm – Volunteering at the SFWA dealer table

Sun Sep 2 10:30:am – Field Phineas & Ferb What is the attraction of this show? Is it the spy subtheme, the fantastic gadgets, the songs, or the fact that both boys and girls are equally competent? Christopher Kastensmidt, Gerri Balter, Isaac Sher, Jeanne Mealy, Kathryn Sullivan

Sun Sep 2 4:30:pm – McCormick Making a More Universal Worldcon Does the revitalization of the SF and Fantasy genre requires to embrace their younger counterparts in other parts of the world, leaving the nest of the English culture and language to venture in a more universal approach? Explore all the different approaches of the SF and Fantasy Genre in other languages and cultures. Christopher Kastensmidt, Kerri-Ellen Kelly, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Quifan Chen, Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Mon Sep 3 1:00:pm – Dusable Reading: Christopher Kastensmidt

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