The Elephant and Macaw Banner in the classroom

Great news from Brazil, where The Elephant and Macaw Banner series is being used in classrooms.  At least two textbooks have already been published which use the series to work with students.

The book Roteiro de práticas leitoras para a escola II uses my series and Harry Potter as its two resources for teaching students about speculative fiction.  The book works with the theme song from the series and the website.  It also uses the series to teach history and writing at the same time, challenging students to write their own stories set in Colonial Brazil.  Photographs shows both my books and website being used in the classroom.

Some pages from the textbook (click for full-sized image):


The complete text can be found here.

The other textbook is an activity book called Caderno de Atividades V.  It uses the series to explain the difference between fantasy, science fiction, and horror.  It also recommends playing role-playing games with students and relating this activity to my series.



This book can be found here.

The two books are excellent, full of innovative activities for the classroom.  I’d like to thank everyone involved for using the series in this way.  Words can’t describe what an honor it is to see my stories used this way.

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  1. Ann Brookens

    I can’t imagine the thrill of seeing your work in a literature textbook! I’m sure that when you were a child slogging through homework you never expected to someday BE homework yourself. (LOL)

    • Christopher Kastensmidt

      Tell me about it. 🙂
      The books have been extremely well-received in the schools down here. Many teachers have thanked me for helping get their students excited about the national folklore. A lot of things come from outside the country which glorify other mythologies (like Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans), and a lot of people tend to look down on what’s local.
      I know my latest book (a graphic novel – not yet out in English) has gone out to over 300 schools already.

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