LoneStarCon 3 next week

I’ll be at LoneStarCon 3 (San Antonio) next week representing The Elephant and Macaw Banner, UniRitter University, and, I hope, having a good time.

Here’s my schedule for the event. If you’re there, please say hello!

Thursday, August 29

5pm-6pm – Living in Another Language: Does it Affect Your Writing?

Does being exposed to different languages on a day to day basis change the way you write? Is it beneficial? How does it compare to living in a monolingual society? Bradford Lyau, Jo Walton, Cenk Gokce, Christopher Kastensmidt

Friday, August 30

Noon-1pm – Conflicting Cultures When Preserving the Environment

Panel will identify first and third world perspectives related to environmental stewardship. Who has to pay, and what is the price? Liz Argall, John K Strickland Jr., Gail Carriger, Christopher Kastensmidt, Brenda Cooper

3pm-4pm – Science Fiction in South America

How is SF thriving in South America? What’s happening in native and imported written SF in print and online SF publishing, movies, and TV. Eileen Gunn, Derek Kunsken, Christopher Kastensmidt

4pm-6pm – SFWA Table, Dealer’s Room

I’ll be working at the SFWA table for three hours on Friday afternoon. A great time to stop by and chat!

Saturday, August 31

10am-11am – Adapting Folklore in Speculative Fiction: Brazil and Space Opera

In this academic session, I’ll be presenting a paper entitled: “From Brazilian folklore to speculative fiction: three recent approaches to integrating mythical characters”

Sunday, September 1

3pm-4pm – Judging Something by Its Cover

How do different cultures use cover styles, design motives and symbology to entice their audience? What adjustments need to be made for different markets? Jennie Faries , John Hornor Jacobs, Jon Schindehette, Christopher Kastensmidt, Irene Gallo

8pm – Hugo Award Ceremony

I’ll be at the ceremony representing my good friend Aliette de Bodard, nominated this year for two Hugo Awards!

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