The graphic novel launches in Brazil

I’m proud to announce the first publication of a story from The Elephant and Macaw Banner universe in graphic novel format!

The work is an adaptation of the novelette “The Fortuitous Meeting of Gerard van Oost and Oludara”, with script by Christopher Kastensmidt, illustrations by Carolina Mylius, and color by Ursula Dorada (SulaMoon). It is being published in Brazil, in Portuguese, under the title A Bandeira do Elefante e da Arara: O Encontro Fortuito (The Elephant and Macaw Banner: The Fortuitous Meeting).


The book is 112 pages long, with 92 pages of comics, an afterward by Brazilian novelist Roberto de Sousa Causo, a making of, and other extras. Here are a few samples (click to amplify):



Pag_62_reduzida Pag_72_reduzida

Coming soon in English (I hope!)

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