More reviews for The Elephant and Macaw Banner series

We’ve had lots of good news recently with two recent releases and the launch of book 6 just a week away. And if that’s not enough, we just received two great reviews.

Elias F. Combarro, from the Sense of Wonder Blog, wrote this awesome review for the two new books. María Leticia Lara Palomino, from Fantástica – Ficción, also wrote this amazing review (in spanish) for the new books.

Leticia calls book #4 her favorite, in which we get to see how the heroes behave when they’re separated.

Elias writes:

“In these two new stories I had the chance of enjoying, once more, all the elements that I really loved in the three previous ones: excellent prose, fun adventures, intelligent dialog, charming characters, fascinating Brazilian folklore and a wonderful sense of humor….All in all, these are two excellent additions to a series that is quickly becoming my favourite in the genre of sword and sorcery.”

Sense of Wonder

Thank you so much, Elias and María!



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