Giant Wandering Spider

Mainly found in tropical South America, the Brazilian Wandering Spiders, also known as Armed Spiders and Phoneutria (“assassin” in Latinized Greek), are one of the most venomous spiders. They are also highly aggressive, never hesitating to furiously attack anything that threatens or disturbs it. It grows to forty eight millimeters, and its leg span can grow to fifteen centimeters … but despite its small size, its presence is indeed a threat.

This giant Brazilian Wandering Spider from the world of The Elephant and Macaw Banner, however, has grown far beyond the size of its tiny cousins. It is one of the great dangers travelers in this fantasy world must face if they choose to brave the forests. The risk of crossing paths with such a creature go far beyond the meaning of “danger”.


Giant Wandering Spider – painting by Ursula “SulaMoon” Dorada for The Elephant and Macaw Banner board game.



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