Elephant and Macaw Banner Fantasy Series Now Available for IP Licensing


Elephant and Macaw Banner Fantasy Series Now Available for IP Licensing

[PORTO ALEGRE, April 29th, 2024] – The acclaimed Elephant and Macaw Banner fantasy series, a captivating journey through Brazilian history and folklore, is now open to intellectual property (IP) licensing. With a rich tapestry of storytelling, over 350 vibrant characters and twenty-five award nominations and wins, including prestigious awards such as the Nebula and Ennie, the series presents a unique opportunity for creators and producers across various entertainment mediums.

Originally conceived by author Christopher Kastensmidt, the Elephant and Macaw Banner’s particular style of “muskets and magic” has captivated audiences worldwide through its compelling narratives, rich characters, and vibrant world-building. Spanning stories, novels, comics, and a tabletop role-playing game (RPG) which includes ten expansions, the series has established itself as a versatile and engaging IP.

Beyond its literary success, the Elephant and Macaw Banner series has made significant strides in educational settings, being utilized in hundreds of classrooms in Brazil to engage students with the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Notably, the series has been translated into multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese, expanding its reach and accessibility to a global audience.

“We’re thrilled to offer the Elephant and Macaw Banner series for licensing opportunities,” said series creator Christopher Kastensmidt. “With its diverse range of storytelling formats and its universal themes, we believe the series has tremendous potential for adaptation across various entertainment platforms.”

Parties interested in licensing the Elephant and Macaw Banner series for use in movies, series, video games, board games, card games, or other products are invited to contact the licensing team at eamb@timegalleon.com.

For more information about the Elephant and Macaw Banner series, visit https://www.eamb.org/ .

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