The World of Gerard van Oost and Oludara

A Parlous Battle

In “A Parlous Battle”, Gerard and Oludara must face the ferocious Kalobo in order to win the trust of the Tupinambá natives.

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“The novelette is good-humored, with action the entire time, and manages to create a climate of tension at the most important moments. Gerard and Oludara feel pain, get hurt, but always manage to free themselves from danger. In the best “Indiana Jones” style, they always find an elaborate way out.”
– Daniel Borba, Além das estrelas

“The narrative is fun, alternating between tense moments–battles with danger and action–to the use of irony and humor.”
– Tania Souza, A LitFan

Publishing history:

(Portuguese) Duplo Fantasia Heroica 2, Devir Livraria
As “A Batalha Temerária contra o Capelobo”
Editor: Roberto de Sousa Causo
Translator: Ana “Death” Duarte

(Czech) Pevnost, August 2013
As “Zuřivý boj Gerarda a Olundary s Capelobem”
Translator: Andrea Peprlová
Foreign Ed.: Martin Šust

(Romanian) Revistă Societatea Romana de Science Fiction si Fantasy, July 2014
As “Lupta crâncenă împotriva monstrului Capelobo”
Translator: Antuza Genescu
Foreign Ed.: Cristian Tamas
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 (English) A Parlous Battle, July 2015
ISBN: 978-85-919338-1-5