The World of Gerard van Oost and Oludara

The Curse of Ipauna

Play at your table or online with “The Curse of Ipauna”, winner of the first author´s competition for The Elephant & Macaw Banner Roleplaying Game and our first adventure available in Roll20 format, along with print and PDF.

The archives of the Society of Jesus contain a mysterious letter, which tells of a group of some fifty Frenchmen who entered the salt marsh beyond Uruçumirim and were never seen again.

The letter also speaks of a ‘great treasure’ brought by Captain Remy LaSalle, leader of the expedition. In the years since, no banner company has found this supposed treasure. And now a group of young adventurers has gone missing while searching for it.

Will your group succeed in tracking them down and bringing them home safely?
Or will they simply become the latest victims of the Curse of Ipaúna?

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Honors (Brazilian Edition):

  • Winner of the first EAMB competition, with entries from authors all around Brazil
  • Finalist, 2019 Ludopedia Awards for Best RPG Supplement of the Year and  Best RPG Supplement of the Year by a National Designer (Brazil)


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Porcupine Publishing
Format: PDF
Pages: 32