The World of Gerard van Oost and Oludara

The Elephant & Macaw Banner RPG

Welcome to the full rulebook of the RPG whose Player´s Guide won an ENnie in 2019: The Elephant & Macaw Banner Roleplaying Game!

It’s time to immerse yourself in this world of Brazilian fantasy, a setting full of adventure, magic and monsters, in which you will find endless opportunity to invent new stories. Create your own heroes and have your own adventures in this magical world!

Available in digital and print, try out this fantastical setting unlike any other, exploring 16th-century Brazil and its monstrous and magical secrets.

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Honors (Brazilian Edition):

  • WINNER, Brazilian RPG of the Year, Ludopedia 2019
  • Finalist, RPG of the Year (worldwide), Ludopedia 2019
  • Finalist for the Jabuti Prize, Brazil’s most prestigious literature award, for being among the ten best illustrated books of the year, out of tens of thousands of published titles
  • Finalist for the “Golden Cube Award” for best tabletop game (including RPGs and board games)
  • Finalist for the AGES Prize for Book of the Year, Special Category


  • “”It’s a great game. The Elephant and Macaw Banner should well be people’s first RPG. Use this game to introduce people to the hobby; it’ll set them up nicely.” Andrew Gridwood, Geek Native
  • “My parting thoughts are that The Elephant and Macaw Banner is genuinely unique, and while thematically different, there is a familiarity to it. Even if you know nothing about Brazil or world history in the 16th century, this book has everything you need to get you and your group playing while conveying a little bit of factual history at the same time.” Modoc, Rolling Boxcars
  • “This is one of the shiniest things that IPR has.” AC, Indie Press Revolution


Porcupine Publishing
Format: PDF and Print
Pages: 224