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Article at Black Gate

The website Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature just posted an article entitles “The Media Expansion of a Sword & Sorcery World”, written by me, about how The Elephant and Macaw Banner universe has, over the last five years, expanded far beyond the original stories.

I’ve been a fan of Black Gate for many years, back since they posted their wonderful Sword & Sorcery magazine. It’s a great honor to appear on their site, and I offer my heartfelt thanks to John O’Neill, Howard Andrew Jones, and the rest of the Black gate staff for this opportunity!


Douglas Cohen writes about “The Fortuitous Meeting”

Douglas Cohen, the editor who chose “The Fortuitous Meeting of Gerard van Oost and Oludara” from the Realms of Fantasy Magazine slush pile, recently published a retrospective on issue #93 of the magazine, the one in which the story was published.

In his retrospective, he has many kind words to say about the story, and gives an interesting look at the process which led from slush to a selection as a finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Novelette.

In honor of the retrospective, here’s a picture of me with Douglas and Shawna McCarthy (founder of Realms of Fantasy and Fiction Editor at the time of the story’s publication) at the Nebula banquet in 2011.  If I’m not mistaken, Realms of Fantasy recorded nine finalists (and two wins) for the Nebula Award during its run, with two of the finalists that year: mine and “How Interesting: A Tiny Man” by Harlan Ellison (a winner). It was a very special night for all three of us, one of my most unforgettable moments.


Thanks so much, Douglas!

Locus article on the National Literary Journey

Locus Online published my article “A Journey to Remember” about the 14th National Literary Journey in Passo Fundo this year.  In it, I discuss the event and the experience of speaking to thousands of adolescents.

From the article:

“Passo Fundo is known as the Literary Capital of Brazil, and for good reason. The national average of non-school-related books read per year in Brazil is 1.5 per person. In Passo Fundo, the average is an impressive 6.5.”

Locus also published a great picture from the event in their print edition.

Thanks so much Locus!

EAMB on Brazilian national TV

I forgot to post this one here before, there was news report that came out right before the Nebulas on RedeTV. It discusses the series and shows part of an interview with me.  It’s in Portuguese, but shows my home office and a lot of artwork from the series.

I’ve been interviewed over a dozen times in Brazil this year, but this one came out on national TV and is extra special.

I just wish they hadn’t filmed me paging through a Narnia book. 🙂