The World of Gerard van Oost and Oludara

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oludara_400Oludara hails from the kingom of Ketu in Western Africa.  Even though he is only twenty-five when his adventures with Gerard begin, his people consider Oludara wise for his age.  Even the oba (king) of Ketu consulted Oludara on how to slay a monster with guile that fifty soldiers could not defeat by force!

Although Oludara never received a formal education like Gerard, he studies and ponders everything around him.  He learned much from the African savannah, the wisdom of his people, and his legendary father, a great hero who was slain protecting his village from a terrible monster when Oludara was just twelve years old.

Gerard relies on Oludara’s intelligence and quick-thinking to get them out of tough situations, but Oludara can certainly hold his own in a fight.  He is an expert with bow and spear, and the ivory knife he carries is rumored to have been carved by the god Shango.

Oludara doesn’t seek fame and adventure like his companion Gerard, but neither does he shy away from them.  His travels with Gerard through the Brazilian wilderness are the stuff of legends!

Gerard van Oost


Gerard is a true Renaissance man–literally! He grew up in Flanders and France in what we now call the Renaissance period of European history. Gerard speaks six languages and is an expert with both the harquebus and rapier, the latter of which he studied in Bologna. Although he received a classical education, he doesn’t trust his wits in a pinch and leaves most of the planning to his trusted companion, Oludara.

Gerard first became fascinated with Brazil when his parents took him to see an amazing Brazilian Festival in Rouen. To commemorate the visit of King Henri II, a replica village had been built in the middle of the city, complete with real animals and natives shipped all the way from Brazil!

His dream is to live like Theseus and other Greek heroes of old, battling monsters and adventuring in strange lands. And the wild lands of Colonial Brazil provide just that opportunity!