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Worldcon panel on non-Tolkienesque fantasy

One of my Worldcon highlights this year was the panel entitled “F*** Your Knight and the Horse he Rode in on: Fantasy Series not Based on Medieval European Culture”.  This panel featured Aliette de Bodard, Ken Scholes, Saladin Ahmed, and myself as moderator.

The room was packed–standing room only with people spilling out into the hallway.  We spent an hour discussing fantasy series that break away from the typical Medieval Western European settings, and the crowd loved it.  All the panelists were amazing, and fielded some pointed questions from the audience.  The panel proved there is a great demand out there for fantasy series like The Elephant and Macaw Banner.  I had people stopping me in the halls to congratulate me for the rest of the con.

The Untitled Convention Project filmed the panel and put about a quarter of it online.  I hope you enjoy it!

Watch Non-Medieval Fantasy in SciFi & Fantasy | View More Free Videos Online at

EAMB on Brazilian national TV

I forgot to post this one here before, there was news report that came out right before the Nebulas on RedeTV. It discusses the series and shows part of an interview with me.  It’s in Portuguese, but shows my home office and a lot of artwork from the series.

I’ve been interviewed over a dozen times in Brazil this year, but this one came out on national TV and is extra special.

I just wish they hadn’t filmed me paging through a Narnia book. 🙂

Video of WFC reading

The amazing Al Bogdan taped my reading of “The Forituitous Meeting of Gerard van Oost and Oludara” at the World Fantasy Convention last week.  It was my first-ever reading, and in my allotted thirty minutes I made it through half the story.

For size reasons, the video is split into three parts (at the scene breaks).  You can see part one here:

Or watch all three parts at The Elephant and Macaw Banner YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy!

The Elephant and Macaw Banner on TV

The Elephant and Macaw Banner was featured on Brazilian national news last week.  It appeared on “Leitura Dinâmica”,  a program which passes every night on RedeTV!, one of Brazil’s largest television networks.  This marks the first time the series has made an appearance on television.

You can watch the video below or see it in full size at the new Elephant and Macaw Banner YouTube channel.

For those who don’t speak Portuguese, everything past the first twelve seconds shows images from the series.

And for fans of the series, more good news is coming soon!  Please stay tuned.